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Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine,Council of Agriculture,Executive Yuan(Keelung Branch)

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Taipei Inspection Station

Address: 3F, No.123, Shanggang Rd., Bali District, New Taipei City 24941, Taiwan, R.O.C. ( Map)
Tel: 02-26195007, 02-26195011, 02-26195025, 02-26195072
Fax: 02-26195079, 02-26195087

Taipei City and New Taipei City

Major Responsibilities
1. Inspection and quarantine of animals and their products
1.1 Inspection of exported animal and aquatic products, such as feathers, leathers, pigs' bristles, meat products, meat extract powder, eggs, fish, fish feeds, feed additives, jelly, ice bar, etc.
1.2 Inspection of exported live animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, etc.
1.3 Inspection of animal products transported by international postal parcels.
1.4 Quarantine of imported animals (including wild animals).
2. Inspection and quarantine of plants and their products
2.1 Inspection of exported plants and their products, such as seeds, seedlings, dry flowers, spices, seaweed, algae powder, wood products, wood packaging materials, etc.
2.2 Quarantine of imported plants and insects.
3. Meat hygiene inspection
Supervision of hygiene inspection on slaughterhouses within the jurisdiction.

Inspection of exported dog transported by passengers.