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Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine,Council of Agriculture,Executive Yuan(Hsinchu Branch)

Checklist of Schedule for Importation of Dogs and Cats from Rabies-free Areas
Dogs/Cats to be imported via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:
Between 30 days and 1 year prior to shipment:
         Become familiar with Taiwan’s quarantine regulations concerning import of dogs and cats (visit web site and click on Hsinchu Branch Office).
         Check whether the Rabies Vaccination Certificate is valid. (The date of shipment must be between 30 days and 1 year after vaccination. For primary vaccination, the dog/cat must be at least 90 days old before being vaccinated.)
           Have the dog/cat receive microchip implantation. (Not required if microchip is already implanted and readable by the scanner.)
           Submit the following documents to this Branch to apply for the “Import Permit”: application form, a copy of rabies vaccination certificate issued by a veterinary clinic of the exporting country, and a copy of your passport or ID.
           Contact the airlines to inquire about requirements for dog/cat transport (such as space allocation and details of transport cage).
Note: For pregnant dogs/cats, those pregnant for more than 4 weeks pregnant are prohibited from being imported.
14 days prior to shipment:
           Confirm receipt of “Import Permit” issued by this Branch and read it thoroughly.
           Apply to the animal quarantine authority of the exporting country for the original copy of the “Veterinary Certificate”. (Be sure that the certificate bears the insignia of the authority and the inspection officer).
           Make sure the information stated on the “Import Permit” and the “Veterinary Certificate” matches (such as animal breed, sex, age or date of birth, microchip number, date of rabies inactivated virus vaccination, primary or booster vaccination.)
           Confirm space allocation for the dog/cat with the airlines.
           Notify this Branch (via phone, fax or e-mail) of the expected time of arrival.
Day of boarding:
           Re-check the dog/cat’s health condition. If necessary, you may request the veterinarian prescribe sedatives to be given prior to boarding.
           Make sure that all the required documentation is at hand (“Import Permit” issued by this Branch and the original copy of Veterinary Certificate issued by the exporting country).
           Offer small amount of food to your dog/cat 2 hours before boarding, and do not forget to leave a toy or a piece of clothing that the dog/cat is familiar with in the cage.
           Allow the dog/cat to urinate and defecate just prior to boarding.
Upon arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:
           Declare quarantine to the animal and plant quarantine counter (Terminal 1: next to Carousel No. 6, Tel: 886-3-3982268; Terminal 2: next to Carousel No. 6, Tel: 886-3-3983371). If the dog/cat is transported by cargo, procedures for cargo goods will apply. (Quarantine office at Evergreen Air Cargo Services: 886-3-3938243~5)
           After passing on-site inspection, the dog/cat is released.
           Dog/cat that passes quarantine is still under follow-up quarantine by the local animal health inspection authority for 3 months. Take note to avoid allowing the dog/cat to come into contact with other animals. Should the address of the dog/cat change, inform this Branch or local animal health inspection authority.
1.        Passengers carrying 4 or more dogs and cats must pay quarantine fees for on-site inspection. The applicant is responsible for all the fees for quarantine, medical care and microchip implantation. In case of regulation violation, the applicant is also responsible for the fees for return or destruction of the animals.
2.        For dogs/cats to be imported via Kaohsiung International Airport, please file your application to the Kaohsiung Airport Inspection Station of Kaohsiung Branch, BAPHIQ. (Address: 2F, Cargo Station, Kaohsiung International Airport; Tel: 07-8070445; Fax: 07-8068427; E-mail:
May you and your pet(s) have a pleasant journey!
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