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Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine,Council of Agriculture,Executive Yuan(Hsinchu Branch)

Quarantine for the Importation of Plants or Plant Products
1. Import quarantine of plants and plant products:
   Conduct import quarantine of plants, plant products, containers, or vessels for packaging,and growing media.
     A. Site inspection
Conduct site inspection at cargo terminals of air cargo service companies or other designated 
locations, utilizing magnifiers or microscopes.
     B. Laboratory inspection
Identify with precision instruments or cultivate plants or plant products,which are suspected 
to be contaminated with unwanted pests. 
     C. Fumigation
Conduct fumigation of plants or plant products contaminated with unwanted pests or diseases 
at designated sites according to relevant regulations.
     D. Post-entry quarantine
        Conduct the process of living plants or propagates subject to post-entry quarantine at nurseries
designated by the BAPHIQ.
     E. On-site inspection at the place of production
        Assign quarantine officers to foreign countries to carry out on-site inspection and verify the 
pest control and quarantine operations.
2. Entry quarantine of plants and plant products carried by passengers. 
3. Surveillance program on the exotic pests:
    Select high risk areas for introducing exotic pests and conduct the surveillance program to discover 
    unwanted pests as soon as possible. 
4. Research and development of quarantine technologies:
    Develop and apply modern molecular biological technique to identify regulated pests quickly and accurately
    to speed up custom clearance.