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Taiwan International Orchid Show 2012

  Taiwan International Orchid Show is one of the orchid professional shows in the world. This annual show displays various decorative orchid plants and many rare orchid breeds. The purpose of Taiwan International Orchid Show is to promote the exchange of the domestic and international cultivating technologies and expand the export sales of Taiwan orchid industry. In 2011, 240,000 visitors from 34 countries were attracted to this orchid exhibition, including 3,000 foreign orchid importers. In addition, the value of the orchid export trade in 2011 reached 7,000 million NT dollars.

  Taiwan International Orchid Show 2012 will be held on March 3rd to 12th at Taiwan Orchid Plantation (T.O.P.). During the exhibition period, the export quarantine service will be provided by Kaohsiung branch, BAPHIQ on March 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th (open hours: 10AM to 5PM). The advantage of the quarantine spot set up within the orchid show is to reduce the damages of the orchids during repacking and transportation. This annually quarantine service conducted by Kaohsiung branch, BAPHIQ for this international show is convenient for the foreign orchid buyers.

  Inquiring the quarantine regulation of the importing country in advance is recommended for successfully importing. Please contact Tainan station of Kaohsiung branch of BAPHIQ (TEL; 886-6-2752771) for further quarantine information.